Outcold Solutions

We are proud to be partner of Outcold Solutions, company that offers monitoring Openshift, Kubernetes and Docker with Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud.

Their solutions are powered by the Collectord, a container-native software built by Outcold Solutions that provides capabilities for discovering, transforming and forwarding logs, collecting system metrics, collecting metrics from the control plane of the orchestration frameworks and forwarding network activity. Collectord provides flexible and powerful tools for transforming and forwarding container logs, host logs and can discover logs written by the containerized applications.


  • Log Aggregation.
  • Cluster Health Monitoring.
  • Application Monitoring.
  • Security and Audit.
  • Alerting.


Monitoring Docker

Installation · Docs · SplunkBase · Docker Hub

Monitoring OpenShift

Installation · Docs · SplunkBase · Red Hat Container Catalog · Docker Hub · Web Console Integration

Monitoring Kubernetes

Installation · Docs · SplunkBase · Docker Hub

Support Requests

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