Looking to get involved in Open Source Projects? Interested in Application Performance Monitoring?

Then join us for an open source APM hackathon!

What is it?

This hackathon will begin as a virtual event for preliminary exercises and then will conclude with an in person all day live finals event!! This event is for hackers who want to obsess over standing up a new open source project for APM or focus their efforts on participating in an existing open source project. Some examples might be developing a data source for Grafana or developing a Grafana Dashboard for a commercial APM Solution or writing extensions for custom monitoring metrics and data integrations.

We’ll start the day off with an overview of some of the finer, free open source APM tools available as well as discuss some of the commercial products (Elastic & Riverbed) and get new and experienced users up to speed with features and common use cases. During the day, we’ll be available to answer questions, help troubleshoot, and offer general advice. We’ll also provide lunch and dinner, as well as caffeine and hydration!

Our friends from Elastic & Riverbed will be on hand as well to provide morale support and expertise. This event is a collaborative production by IT2, Elastic, Riverbed, UMass Lowell – Kennedy College of Sciences (Department of Computer Science), and the UMass Lowell Innovation Hub.

Why bother?

Because we’re hoping you love open source and APM as much as we do! You’ll also be exposed to various OSS projects and the OSS community at large. Because we have an awesome partnership between industry, academic and innovation stakeholders giving you a unique occasion to have access to powerful technologies, fellow hackers, and experienced users. All in the same room(s) — Both virtually and live!

How it Works

The IT2 Open Source APM hackathon will begin virtually online. You need to register beforehand and then attend in person to be able to participate.  We will begin this Hackathon as a virtual event with tutorial style webinars, education, and the first Team submissions. You’ll create your own Teams of up to 5 Members. If you’re solo and would like to join a Team, please let us know and we’ll help you to find one!

The live finals will take place at the UMass Lowell Innovation Hub Haverhill, 2 Merrimack Street, Haverhill, MA 01830.  Date is TBD.  Prizes will be awarded! The live hack is free and meals/snacks will be provided.

What to bring to the Finals?

· Your laptop and a charger

· A reusable water bottle – stay hydrated!

· Your creative project ideas (Everyone is welcome to bring their own project ideas and find team members at the event. And if you don’t have a precise project idea, don’t worry, you can join a team!)

· Data sets (We’ll be preloading some data sets, but if there’s something specific you’re interested in or you have access to data sets that you think could be of interest to other participants, bring your ideas and we’ll help get them indexed and available for everyone on-the-day.)

How do I sign up?

If you’re interested in joining, please complete this form https://forms.gle/McSe7bfaT9AkzSyr8

Or email our Customer Service Team directly at: support @ it-squared.atlassian.net and indicate in your email that you want to hack Open Source APM! Thanks!